Power generator needed immediately – we are losing food and our medicines, and it’s been dark since 6pm!

June 12, 2022 // News

Hitting the switch and the light instantly flares up, or plugging the charger into a contact, taking the milk out of the fridge – these are mundane activities that we don’t think about very often.

At Regina and Steve’s house, electricity is at a premium, and the news we recently received is not optimistic. An email from a distraught Regina, sounded like this:

Dear Friends!

We spent this year’s Easter in total darkness. The power grid in Nakuru has failed – again. The situation happens regularly every few weeks.

This time it lasted as long as 5 days, causing all our supplies that needed refrigeration to spoil from Thursday to Tuesday. We lost mostly food, but also important medicines so badly needed by the children and very expensive. We had to throw away fruit, vegetables, milk, bread, special foods for our Rael and other children and babies, but most importantly the purchased medicines of our children with special needs.

In May we were also without electricity twice, albeit for a shorter time, so one freezer kept the temperature for two days, but now in June the electricity has been out again for two days and we don’t know when it will be restored, and our questions about this remain unanswered. We needed a generator, a generator, to keep food and medicines in the orphanage despite such outages. We cannot afford to throw away supplies….

After 6pm darkness sets in….

The cost of the generator oscillates between 50 and 55 thousand ksh, this amount is beyond our reach.

We are very much asking for help. Regina and Steve with their children


In a difficult situation, we could always count on your help. That is why we are asking for your support and believe that we will succeed.

50-55 thousand ksh is about 420-470 USD, or 1900-2000 PLN.

A fridge in an orphanage in Kenya is not a luxury, but a necessity and a guarantee of fresh food and medicine. Without a generator, they cannot manage.

Fundacja Mają Przyszłość
44 2490 0005 0000 4600 3246 9899
transfer title: orphanage in Nakuru – donation for electricity.

The generator will serve the children that you have already helped while building their home your built  Childrens Home in Nakuru