Presika. In the adoption program from a toddler, today she helps others.

Adoption can have a significant impact on a child’s life, shaping their development and future opportunities. It’s important to remember that each person’s experience is unique – there are students who end up participating in the program after a year or at the high school stage. And this is also a good thing. The parents of many of them are illiterate to this day.

When girls are adopted through programs such as the aforementioned “Adoption of the Heart,” they usually join families that provide them with stability, care and support for many years of schooling.
Growing up feeling “taken care of “contributes to their overall well-being and personal development. It feels good to feel appreciated, cared for, to belong.

PPresika has been supported since she was a child – now she is a young woman who is currently waiting for the results of her state exams to apply for a place on a teacher training course. In the meantime, she finds ways to contribute positively to the local community and help others, repaying what she herself has received.She can offer guidance, empathy and understanding based on her own experiences.

She has chosen to help on a daily basis at the center with Pharping, until she goes back to school. Girls in the adoption program often choose careers in fields related to social work, counseling, psychology or education. Their personal experiences can provide valuable insights and empathy when working with individuals and families going through similar situations.

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