Our Rael and her therapy in Kenya

Our Rael was born in January 2010 with infantile cerebral palsy. Although she turned 13 this year, she is very petite and looks rapturously a few years old. This is the result of her mother’s failed attempt to terminate the pregnancy. She came into the care of Regina and the orphanage when she was 2.5 years old and weighed approx. 3.8 kg,

We try to make sure that Rael undergoes regular therapy, although it is difficult to find good pediatric physiotherapy specialists in Kenya. For her, the most important thing is continuity and continuity and regularity of visits, which is difficult to achieve with volunteers in Europe.

Her care is not made easier by a chronic condition – abdominal ulcers – and she has to be fed formula and special foods. She is on medications that theoretically she should not take continuously, but unfortunately their price and side effects make it necessary to stop. After 2-3 weeks of withdrawal, the problem of extreme abdominal pain and vomiting with blood returns. Recently, the situation became so serious that a blood transfusion was required.

When the doctor told Regina that we have to learn to live with some things, our hearts broke because we know what she is going through, especially when the problem recurs.

Thank you for supporting our children who need special care.

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