Support for the youngest from Ukraine – food, cosmetics, medicines on Ratajczaka Street in Poznań

The situation with our neighbours is dramatic, and the number of people arriving in Poznań, where we are based, increases every day as the capital and the border towns begin to become overcrowded. Many people, it is in our location – Poznań – that they see a chance to get through this difficult period in peace.

As we are familiar with the work of the Social Emergency Service, we have today responded to their urgent appeal asking for food for the children and medicines, who, after several days on the road and 2-3 days queuing at the border, arrive here in a very bad state – not only mentally, but also physically. They are cold, running a temperature, hungry, dehydrated and have numerous abrasions and skin sores. We have purchased ointments and lotions, talc, painkillers, antipyretics and anti-inflammatories, as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste, washing powder, shower gels. In addition, nappies and powdered milk, as well as special-purpose food, which is the most expensive and therefore the least frequently delivered to the aid station at 20 Ratajczaka Street, where the Social Emergency has launched its operations thanks to the support of their premises.

In addition to shopping, we also did some duty sorting of donations and these activities will continue within the capacity of our volunteers.


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