Annual activities for children. We thank our missionaries for the commitment

October 3, 2020 // News

The worldwide crisis and schools’ closure dragged on in many African countries. Despite  September came, many schools remained closed. For many months, the missionary outpost has  been the place of study, meetings, and where the children could eat a daily meal. The children  flocked both in a period where they had to wear masks and later. Afternoon meetings(remedial  classes) and Saturday ones for young students will also be continued during the rest of the year,  even during the time Cameroon started the education system and children returned to schools.  The missionary sisters tried to give a little bit of normality this year. Despite the difficult times,  they provided meals, conversation. They did whatever they could, so the children didn’t feel the  panic around them. 

We believe they succeeded it by looking at the photos in the last three months.