Big trying-on, that is, the children in Jinja got their shoes from Santa Claus

With some delay, we received photos from “big trying-on,” which is when children’s shoes arrived in Uganda. You made a great joy for over 30 children. It was your great merit, and we in the Foundation are happy that we could mediate in this.

About Santa Claus Action 2019, we wrote  TUTAJ – KLIK, and about the details of the package and its route  TUTAJ – KLIK

It is time for the final of this particular collection and activities. The photos can touch you, make you sad, make you happy. They triggered a cascade of different emotions by us. So much and so little. One can always do much more for someone. However, one can also do much less. Thank you for each pair of shoes and for your help in our activities, which we keep you informed about.

There would be no Foundation without You.

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