“Help to Africa Children” – Where do the Funds Go? Take a Look at Mattresses.

July 27, 2020 // News

Except for destination transfers to specific Charges and objectives we pursue, we ask you or decide yourself on the funds for “the aid of children in Poland” or “the aid of children in Africa” for “statutory purposes.” 

For what purposes does this money go?

We practically transfer all payments to so-called “direct help.” So, it means that we pay for education, medicines, food, or other children’s needs. For what purpose the money goes depends on our local coordinators, volunteers, or people who focus attention on a specific problem.

Of course, some of the financial means are Internet costs for communication with us and other things such as correspondence, handing over in-kind gifts, and our tiny local expenses made by our coordinators.

We have verified the living conditions in the orphanage near Jinja in Uganda this year. We don’t have money to renovate the center, the floors in rooms on which the children currently sleep. However, we received several hundred USD from you. Thanks to this help, we improved their comfort and health by buying a few mattresses. Now, the children don’t have to sleep with 5-6 person groups on one torn piece of sleeping foam.

The rainfall season doesn’t favor buying mattresses because not everything in the building is watertight. However, half measures are suitable, especially when nights are cold.

There is joy. Safina, with a blue dress, can’t hide it :)


Agnieszka, children from the orphanage near Jinja, and the Foundation’s Volunteers.