Lakrisha, Hellen and Vivian meet Karolina in Diani

July 18, 2020 // News

Yesterday proved that you could move mountains if you wanted it very much! When Agnieszka found herself on Karolina’s blog a few weeks ago, she didn’t expect to see her near Dani in Kenya this time. Karolina has been traveling around the world for years(Carola Travels The World). Just like on New Year’s Day, we also unexpectedly met our Volunteer Kinga in Nepal – to read the story CLICK here.

A few years ago, a group of children joined the Heart Adoption program in Diani. Three of them are still learning in this region. However, we haven’t had a coordinator there for two years. There is only direct contact with a parent or school. However, children sometimes need attention, interests, relation, and conversation. This year was a complicated one. Schools were closed, and isolation constrained contact with parents. The situation also disallowed to achieve incomes.

The organization wasn’t straightforward because Kenya is far away, and the restrictions, mostly there, still apply. On July, six they lifted the travel ban between some of the districts, which allowed Hellen, Vivian, and their mom to travel from Likoni to Ukunda. Lakrisha, with her dad and younger siblings, also have the opportunity to meet Karolina and her husband. They agreed to be “envoys” of our Foundation in the multitude of their affairs.

😷😷😷 We invited them for a meeting at a local restaurant. At a shared table and meal and using the Internet connection, we talked about this school year, last years, lack of food, return to school, and everyday housework. However, we also discussed our plans and dreams, both the small ones and the large ones.🎒👟🧢👗👚🧦

The girls dream about backpacks, pencil cases, small wristwatches, and shoes. 🛒 They are teenagers like many others, modest, sensitive, polite. They still want to go to school. 🏫

Lakrisha attends school for deaf children and has arrears in payments. Hellen also lost her caretaker as soon as she entered high school. 

Despite the difficulties, we don’t lose hope for finishing both girls’ education. 📖📒📕📗📘

We would like to thank Karolina and Przemek for their invaluable help, dedicated time, readiness to support kids, donation of funds from the Foundation to buy food, and hygiene measures. Great felicity – what you can see in the photos from the meeting.

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