Mom – Regina – invites you for supper to the orphanage. Food package 2020.

August 14, 2020 // News

Cooking in Africa is a women’s domain. It is a tradition or a kind of social expectation, and sometimes just usual pragmatism, for a man doesn’t cook. It is good when you enjoy it, even if you prepare a meal for 20 persons daily. Thanks to donations for food packages, we could help children in many countries and Charges of Nakuru’s orphanage.

The reality in the time of epidemic is tricky. Each day brings something new. For many months, all children have been present in the orphanage and learn online as far as they have enough materials and skills.

And in the evening, a meal together; sometimes helpers cook, Regina invites you for supper today. Enjoy your meal at our table ;)

What’s for supper today?

Garden vegetables and minced meat served with spaghetti. The kids say they are delicious. Moreover, such an exquisite supper doesn’t happen very often.


For all interested, we attach a shopping list for July – a weekly plan.