Packages reached Angola after more than 11 months.

September 3, 2020 // News

The immense enjoyment in Luanda today for the packages with material help, have reached them for the first time in a long time. As the shipment is costly, the corruption is high, and the delivery is challenging, we currently do not practice shipping packages to this outpost.  

Four large cardboards with toys, school supplies, hygienic materials, and clothes were sent late  fall in 2019. Unfortunately, intercontinental transport can be unpredictable, and so it happened in this case – due to difficult months, the quarantine, the closed offices, and the blockade. That’s  why the packages reached Angola after 11 months, and they could be given to the orphanage’s  children and youth. It’s good that the cardboards didn’t contain the food. It would not survive the  storage and the journey because of their expiration date. 

Moreover, it would harm the rest contents in the packages.  

Our coordinator on the spot, Łukasz, recorded some greeting words. The resort residents sang for the Donors, especially for Mrs. Ania W. Thank you very much!