Rosalie – your graduate, she received the job! Thank you.

It comes the moment when studying comes to an end. In many Global South  Countries, learning is subject to many conditions, e.g., without paying the full set of fees, they do not allow you to the final exams, or you don’t receive a  diploma confirming the acquired qualifications.  

Such a restrictive approach begins in the early years of education. It happens that they sent you home because of lacking school uniform or shoes, or  because you haven’t made a fee. It comes at the expense of the lessons.  Unfortunately, there is no field of discussion with the teacher here. You  cannot postpone your payment and pay soon, buy shoes for the child next  week, or explaining you have a difficult situation.  

It comes the moment when Rosalie has finished her study, our pharmacy  student. A few persons have helped her during the last years. The talented,  cheerful, and helpful girl hasn’t found the job in Yaounde. However, this  hasn’t stopped her. Thanks to her determination, she’s got the job in the  west of the country in Bana.  

She got there in a difficult period, straight to fight the COVID-19 virus. As a  pharmacist, she is on the front line. She sent us the film, which we put in the  post on May 2, 2020. It includes the Yaounde report, where you can see how  a sanitation station looks like in Cameroon. 

We wish you good health, Rosalie, and good luck at work!

Each person who donated to her or other student education – we THANK YOU FROM OUR WHOLE HEART.  

Only education is for them the key to escaping the circle of extreme poverty.


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