The painter of dreams – about exceptional help during isolation time

April 15, 2020 // News

Many wonderful people help children, youth, and students through our Foundation. There are  people standing to the side, aiding one at a time or cyclic. They make a transfer, and only annual  information about what’s going on is sufficient for them. Of course, there are other people that  write to us regularly, co-lead projects. They share their privacy and ask about the situation in  Africa and Asia. Sometimes there are also Friends of our Foundation who want to help more.  

Like Marta and Tomasz. 

During isolation, when it was a time not forbidden for moving around, they painted the  Foundation’s office alone.  

Rented from March 2020, it hasn’t been renovated for years. In the past, it was used heavily by  the previous tenant.  

Thanks to the help of Marta and Tomasz, we got a real new start! 

Clear. Selfless. Good start. 

For us, volunteers, co-workers, and pupils. For you.

Thank you, Marta! Thank you, Tomek! 

P.S. Here you will find info about the new correspondence address of the office and photos  “before”: