We look into the interiors of the Nakuru orphanage – what do we face next?

With the end of our winter Regina and the children moved to the house which was built thanks to our Donors’ generosity. 

You can watch the construction’s period and the move moment  HERE (CLICK).

Today it’s time to show interiors. Well, this is how they look like in early summer 2020. Most of the furnishings and the furniture come from donations and the previous houses where they had lived since 2011. At the same time, they set up that orphanage. The walls need painting, and the floors require finishing. There is a lack of window covers, curtain rods, curtains, window shades. The house is currently exposed, and the interior is open to view through the windows. The children don’t have wardrobes, and we haven’t finished all rooms yet. For this moment, the house’s residents (including the children and their caregivers) occupy the living room and a few rooms visible below. We managed to buy some of the doors, sanitary ware, and prepare all the installations. We also arranged tiles in boys, girls, and babies bathrooms. We did the same thing in the bathroom downstairs. Now it’s time to build in closets in the children rooms and complete the works mentioned above so that the house be genuinely safe – both for healthy and disabled children who are under Regina’s and Steve’s care.

Please select and click on the donation amount for finishing works in the house

After that, the DotPay payment page will appear where you will be able to donate. In 2020, we need funds to ensure that the children’s housing conditions don’t endanger them regarding construction and sanitation. 

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Do you want to help more specifically? Or maybe you are looking for a precise goal?

The essential need is to cover the children for exposure to other persons. 

The situation in Kenya is very tight during the epidemic period, and the people are desperate. The places where disabled people live are associated with prosperity and much food. Therefore, they often are the main targets of attack. We want to put curtains on the windows. They will look similar to the one shown in the photo example. We are in the process of installing built-in closets in boys and girls rooms. Unfortunately, we don’t have any funds for a built-in in the place for the youngest – babies and disabled children. The cost of built-in for one room is approximately PLN 1700.



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The account in EURO: PL69 2490 0005 0000 4600 1195 6471


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