Will you help Sajlesh participate in the bansuri playing competition?

November 14, 2016 // News


Sajlesh playing the bansuri.

Sajlesh and Satyam, pupils of the establishment in Pharping which cooperates with us, have been very excited for several days now. They are happy that they will soon be able to participate in the bansuri playing competition. Bansuri is one of the oldest instruments originating from India. A type of flute made of one piece of bamboo, it is popular not only in India itself, but also among our pupils in Nepal. Sajlesh and Satyam are in the group of seven children who received invitations to the competition for Nepalese flautists. It is a great distinction for them, as well as for us. Our efforts invested into the children’s additional music education have been noticed, already just by the invitation for this type of event. And the children have an opportunity to play and demonstrate their skills in front of a larger audience, for the first time very seriously and officially. The children’s participation in the competition is, however, uncertain. The flutes they practice on every day are damaged and stuck together with duct tape, sometimes glue. They do not sound the way they should and are actually not even usable for practice anymore. We definitely have to buy new flutes. Additionally, it is necessary to pay the entrance fee.


Satyam never parts with his bansuri.

We would like the children to participate in the competition. We want them to feel that the efforts of their education bring results. We need to:

  • pay the entrance fee (7*1000 NPR, that is 60 euro or approx. 258 zl)
  • buy 7 new flutes and covers (36200 NPR, that is 303 euro or approx. 1300 zl)

It is an urgent need, which appeared as suddenly as the children’s invitation to the competition. We support the children in everyday preparations and await the day of the competition, both anxious and excited. It is very important for us to continue the education in playing instruments. It is an additional help for the children’s future. An additional skill which can bring measurable results in the future.

If you want to help our pupils, here is the account number: 

Fundacja Mają Przyszłość

ul. Młyńska 45

62-070 Konarzewo

Alior Bank account number:  44 2490 0005 0000 4600 3246 9899

Transfer title: “bansuri competition – donation”

/all donations can be subtracted in PIT and CIT/