Meet Michele – help her in entering adulthood. Support the entrepreneurship of the hairdresser.

June 17, 2016 // Uncategorized

Michele_fryzjerka-Kamerun-dofinansowanie-materialow-07.2016Michele wrote a letter to us. She has studied well and would like to be given a chance and prove that she can repay the favour – to her mum in particular.
She finished a hairdressing school, but it is difficult for her to find employment without contacts. To begin an independent life and help her mother, she needs support to buy the basic equipment and accessories necessary to start a hairdressing salon.
Besides the letter from Michele, sister Alina wrote to us: “I would like to confirm knowing Michele, who is requesting help in equipping a hairdressing salon. I have known this family for 5 years, her mother funded her hairdressing education, but she cannot afford the necessary equipment to allow Michele to begin work, as she has a second daughter, whose studies she funds. Mother works as a secondary school teacher and raises the children on her own. Thank you for help in the name of the family, as well in the name of the person concerned herself and my own. I hope that help will aid her in beginning to work independently.”
We would like to appreciate a mother who, despite difficulties, works, raises children and knows what education is and how important it is. Not every mother in an African country understands that, living focused on the problems and desperation of daily life.
We would also like to appreciate Michele, whose education we did not fund, but we can fund her start into adulthood.
To realize that we need: 4278,29 zł
For which we will buy:
  • electric shaver
  • hairdressing hair dryer
  • hair hood dryer
  • scissors, hairbrushes, combs and other appropriate hairdressing accessories for African hair and hairstyles
  • disinfecting machine
  • basic cosmetics for a good start
After the purchase and once the salon begins to function, the Benefactor will receive pictures and a letter from Michelle.
From the Foundation – the most sincere formal thanks.
We will also be monitoring the functioning of Michele’s salon in the future.
Can you help?  /one-time support or divided into parts, it does not equal long-term adoption/
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