Ola’s everyday life in a letter from Mum

We haven’t written anything in a long while, and a few days ago we received…

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Found in the dumpster – we are building a home for the children and beating a Guinness Record of Miles of Good with you!

They have already been saved once, but now the spectre of living on the streets…

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Spring changes for Nikodem

After the traumatic events of the years 2012-13, when we met Nikodem and the Brides,…

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2016_yaounde_Wielkanoc pisanki

Easter news from sister Alina 2016

Dear Families of the Have a Future Foundation! I greet everyone most warmly in this…

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2016-01-17 11.34.10

Another half year of Norbert’s trainings passes

New information on the progress of our Pupil   was passed to us by his…

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Become a Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle or Aunt

We have launched a new opportunity within the Adoption of Heart program. Even today every…

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Ola is 4 years old already!

Our Pupil has grown so much! :) She goes to kindergarten as well as to…

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What’s new with Wiktoria?

Wiktoria has been our Pupil since 2009. During the first five years of her life…

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Postanowiliśmy pomóc i skierowaliśmy prośbę o dofinansowanie sprzętu   Fabryka Formy – Fitness & Wellness Clubs  która…

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Nikodem – women of Wrocław will try their best to make him smile.

It is the feeling of helplessness that hurts the most – even little Nikodem knows…

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Wojtek z ZG

Wojtek. The story of Zielona Góra covered in the lace- and satin white – it works!

In June, 2013 Wojtek turned 3. He was born healthy but in the 6th week…

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Ola_fundacja Maja PRzyszlosc

Blue ‘stabilo’ cushion for our Ola – already comes to her aid on a daily basis.

Ola spends a lot of time in her car seat because she needs to travel…

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Norbert already had his operation. Latest news – convalescence still uncertain.

Norbert has recently had his operation. During the yesterday’s procedure everything went according to plan.…

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Hubert – Bridesmaids from Poznań decided who they want to help!

Hubert became the child under the Foundation’s care in June, 2013 when he was chosen…

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Blanka. majaprzyszlosc.org.pl

Blanka – the only Maiden among our Bridesmaids

Our little lady from Bydgoszcz  – Blanka – is the only girl among our children…

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Charity auctions from 15th August till 15th September. Decide yourself who you want to help.

We invite all Helpers, Big-hearted People, Adoptive Parents, Friends and Supporters of the Foundation, all…

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2014-02_decyzja 58-2014-MAIC zgoda na zbiorke Afryka_s1

Change, change, change…our fist two public fundraisings broadening their scope.

Thanks to all the amazing people in our country and abroad we gathered an incredible…

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Talk on Radio Plus about PM2013 Campaign – the first steps!

About the medicine that might be available soon and about helping in a very special…

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