10-year old Natalia, volunteer and fundraiser, is building a school in Namanga with us!

10-year old Natalia is building a school in Tanzania. She believes she can do this.…

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Will you help Sajlesh participate in the bansuri playing competition?

Sajlesh and Satyam, pupils of the establishment in Pharping which cooperates with us, have been…

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2015-11-01 13.15.19

Our pupil Norbert and hippotherapy – a letter from Mum

Many children benefit from hippotherapy, but we received an e-mail from the mum of one…

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Kitchen in Pharping, we want to do shopping in order to make providing food for hungry children in Nepal possible.

We received a powerful letter and request from a Pole – Mrs Aleksandra, who works…

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__Slot Art Festival 07.2016 850_20160707_185140

Our first time, or the foundation under a tent on the Slot Art Festival!

Since Wednesday, 6th July we were present in Lubiąż near Wrocław on the SlotArt Festival.…

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_Francis_student antropolgia 2014-15_3rok

Francis has finished the internship with a commendation. The Adoption of The Heart works!

Francis, one of our pupils from Kenya is a student of management after having completed…

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2016-06-18-19 spotkanie Fundacji Maja Przyszlosc-4569

Meeting of the Pupils and their Parents in Straduń

Like every two years, also this year we had an opportunity to spend a few…

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Meet Michele – help her in entering adulthood. Support the entrepreneurship of the hairdresser.

Michele wrote a letter to us. She has studied well and would like to be…

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Ola’s everyday life in a letter from Mum

We haven’t written anything in a long while, and a few days ago we received…

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Kilometrydobra.p_TheColourRun fot.E.Gendera-7729

See what it was like! Trailer of Miles of Good and The Colour Run

We have managed to prepare a trailer from the exceptional Sunday. You’ll see the complete film during…

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English lesson in the kindergarten in Kigera Etuma – watch the short film

English lesson in the kindergarten in Kigera Etuma, recorded during the volunteers’ stay in January…

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The final of the Miles of Good campaign is already behind us – you donated 5088 zł for the construction of a children’s home!

Last week, and in particular the Sunday of 5th June, passed very quickly for us,…

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Kilometrydobra_TheColourRun_ fot.Fund.MajaPrzyszlosc-3442

The Colour Run in Poznań – with our fundraiser for the children in Kenya

Thank you very much, runners!!! We haven’t had such colour craziness in the Foundation yet.…

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Found in the dumpster – we are building a home for the children and beating a Guinness Record of Miles of Good with you!

They have already been saved once, but now the spectre of living on the streets…

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Spring changes for Nikodem

After the traumatic events of the years 2012-13, when we met Nikodem and the Brides,…

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2016_yaounde_Wielkanoc pisanki

Easter news from sister Alina 2016

Dear Families of the Have a Future Foundation! I greet everyone most warmly in this…

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2016-01-17 11.34.10

Another half year of Norbert’s trainings passes

New information on the progress of our Pupil   was passed to us by his…

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Become a Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle or Aunt

We have launched a new opportunity within the Adoption of Heart program. Even today every…

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